Madam Rides the bus class 10 chapter 9 summary English First Flight

Madam Rides the bus class 10 chapter 9 summary

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Madam Rides the bus summary

It is a very sensitive story given by Vallikanna this story is about an eight year old girl Valliammai’s experience about her first bus journey into the world outside the village

In the beginning of this chapter, we find valli standing at the doorstep of her house and watching in the street outside a bus passes through her street every hour she longs to enjoy its ride and experience the outside world which seems to be fascinating but mysterious she collects necessary details regarding the bus ride she somehow arrange for the fare of the bus

One bright afternoon, when her mother was having a nap after lunch she gets on the bus she looked at everything with great interest she stands up on her seat to enjoy the outside world she sees the canal palm trees mountains and the blue sky, she also sees green fields she is overwneimed with joy when she sees a cow running in front of the bus with her tail raised up in the air but during her return journey she sees the same cow lying dead on the roadside she gets terrified she sits back in her seat till she reaches her village may be she is trying to unveil the matters of life and death

she reaches home well in time where she finds her mother busy in talking with one of her aunts none of them are able to know her bus journey

Conclusion :- In order to conclude we can say that the story has well illustrated the mischievous and curious nature of a child Meanwhile we also come to known that one learns by the experiences of life

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