Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 chapter 3 Explanation summary Question and answers

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 English Hornbill chapter 3, Explanation, summary, Question and answers

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues – class 11 chapter 3 English (book Hornbill) summary and detailed explanation. of the lesson along with the meaning of difficult words. also the explanation is followed by a summary of the lesson. All the Question and answers given at the back of the lesson

Discovering Tut the saga Continues by

(A.R Williams )

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Introduction of the Lesson

He was just a teenager when he died the last heir of a powerful family that had ruled Egypt and its empire for centuries he was laid to rest laden with gold and eventually forgotten since the discovery of his tomb in 1922. the modern world has speculated about what happened to him, with murder being the most extreme possibility now. leaving his tomb for the first time in almost 80 years Tut has undergone a CT scan that death- and Provides Precise data for an accurate forensic reconstruction of the boyish Pharaoh .

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Lesson Explanation

in angry wind stirred up ghostly dust devils as king tut was taken from his resting place in the ancient Egyptian cemetery known as the valley of the king, Dark belied clouds have scudded across the Desert All the day and know were veiling the start in the casket grey it was 6 p. M on 5 January 2005 the world’s most famous mummy glided headfirst into a CT scanner brough here to probe the lingering medical mysteries of this little-understood young ruler who died more than 3,300 years ago

All afternoon the usual line of tourists from around the world had descended into the cramped rock-cut tomb some 26 feet underground to pay their respects .they gazed at the murals on the walls of the burial chamber and peered at tut’s gilded face. The most striking feature of his shaped outer coffin lid. Some visitors read from the guidebook in a. Whisper others stood silently. Perhaps pondering tut’s utimely death in. His late teens or wondering with a. Shiver if his pharaoh, course – death or misfortune falling upon those who disturbed him. was really true

The mummy is in very bad condition because of what carter did. In the 1922s, said Zahi Hawass. the secretary-general of Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities. As he leaned over the body for. A British archaeologist. who in 1922 discovered tut’s tomb of for years of futile searching. Its contents though hastily ransacked in. Antiquities were surprisingly complete they remain the richest royal collection ever found and. Become part of the pharaoh’s legend stunning 

Artifacts in. Gold their eternal brilliance meant to guarantee resurrection caused a sensation at the time of the. Discovery and still get the most attention but tuts was also buried with the everyday thing,she, d want in the afterlife board games, a bronze razor line undergarments cases of food and wine

See map

After months of carefully recording the. Pharaoh’s funerary treasure carter began investigation his there nested coffin opening the first he found a shroud adorned with garlands of willow and dive leaves, wild celery burial in. March or April when he finally reached the mummy though he ran into trouble the ritual series had hardened cementing tut to the bottom of his solid gold coffin No amount of legitimate force could move them, carter wrote later, what was to be done ?

The sun can beat down like a hammer this far south in Egypt, and carter tried to use it to loosen the resins, for several hours

He set the mummy outside in blazing sunshine that heated it to 149 degree Fahrenheit. Nothing budged, he reported with scientific detachment that ” the consolidated material had to be chiselled away from beneath the limbs and trunk before it was possible to raise the king’s remains” In this defence, carter really had little choice. if he hadn’t cut the mummy free, thieves most certainly would have

Circumvented the guards and ripped it apart to remove the gold In tut’s time the royal was fabulously wealthy, and they thought – or hoped -they could take their riches with them for his journey to the great beyond, king Tut was lavished with glittering goods, precious collars, inland necklaces for his fingers and toes and the now-iconic inner coffin and, mask – all of the pure gold. To separate Tut from his adornments. carter’s men removed the mummy’s head and severed nearly every major joint. Once they had finished, they reassembled the remains on a layer of sand in a wooden box with padding that concealed the damage. the bed where Tut now rests.

Archaeology has changed substantially in the intervening decades, focusing less on treasure and more on the fascinating details. of life and intriguing mysteries of death. it also uses more sophisticated tools. including medical technology In 1968, more than 40 years after Carter’s discovery, an anatomy professor X -rayed the mummy and revealed a startling fact. beneath the resins that cake his chest. his breast -bone and front ribs are missing today diagnostic imaging can be done with computed tomography or CT. by which hundreds of X-rays in across sections are put together like slices of bread t create a three-dimensional virtual body. what more would a CT scan reveal of Tut than the X-ray ? and could it answer two of the biggest question still lingering about him – how did he die, and how old was he at the time of his death?

King Tut’s demise was a big event, even by royal standards he was the last of his family’s line and his funeral was the death rattle of a dynasty, but the particulars of his passing away and its aftermath are unclear. Amenhotep III- Tut’s father or grandfather – was a powerful Pharaoh who ruled for almost four decades at the height of the eighteenth dynasty’s golden age. his son Amenhotep IV succeeded him and initiated one of the strangest periods in the history of

Ancient Egypt. the new pharaoh promoted the worship of the Aten, the sun disk changed his name to Akhenaten or” servant of the Aten, and moved the religious capital from the old city of thebes to the new city of Akhetaten known now as Amarna . he further shocked the country by attacking Amun, a major god. smashing his images and closing his temples if” must have been a horrific time” said Ray Johnson, director of the university of Chicago’s research centre In Luxor. the site of ancient thebes. the family that had ruled for centuries was coming to an end, and then Akhenaten ‘s went a little wacky

After Akhenaten’s death a mysterious ruler named smenkhare appeared briefly and excited with hardly a trace and then a very young Tutankhaten took the throne – king Tut as he’s widely known today the body king soon changed his name to Tutankhamun” living image of Amun, and oversaw a restoration of the old ways, he reigned for about nine years – and then died unexpectedly .

Regardless of his fame and the speculations about his fate. Tut is one mummy among many in Egypt How many ? No one knowns. the Egyptian mummy Project which began an inventory in late 2003 has recorded almost 600 so far and is still counting the next phase . scanning the mummies with a portable CT machine donated by the national Geographic society and siemens. its manufactures. king Tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned – in death. as in life moving regally ahead of his countrymen.

A CT Machine scanned the mummy head to toe. creating 1700 digital X-ray images in cross section Tut’s head scanned in 0.62 millimetre slices to register its intricate structures , takes on eerie detail in the resulting image. with Tut’s entre body similarly recorded a team of specialists in radiology, forensics and anatomy began to probe the secrets that the winged goddess of a gilded burial shrine projected for so long .

The night of the scan, workmen carried Tut from the tomb in his box. like pallbearers they climbed a ramp and a hydraulic stairs into the swirling sand outside then rose on a hydraulic lift into the trailer that held the scanner. twenty minutes later two men emerged, sprinted for an office nearly and returned with a pair of white plastic fans. the million -dollar scanner had quit because of sand in a cooler fan. curse of the pharaoh” joked a guard nervously

Eventually the substitute fans worked well enough to finish the procedure. after checking that no data had been lost. the technicians turned tut over to the workmen, who carried him back to his tomb. less than three hours after he was removed from his coffin. the pharaoh again rested in peace where the funerary priests had laid him so ago.

Back in the trailer a technicians pulled up astonishing images of Tut on a computer screen. A grey head took shape from a scattering of pixel. and the technician spun and titled it in every direction. neck vertebrae appeared as clearly as in an anatomy class. other images revealed a hand several view of the rib cage. and a transection of the skull. but for now the pressure was off sitting back in his chair. Zahi hawass smiled, visibly relieved that nothing had gone seriously wrong I” didn’t sleep last night, not for a second he said” I was so worried .but now I think I will go and sleep

Tut with Osiris

by the time we left the trailer, descending metal stairs to the sandy ground. the wind had stopped the winter air lay cold and still, like death, itself, in this valley of the departed , just above the entrance to Tut’s tomb stood Orion the constellation that the ancient Egyptians knew as the soul of Osiris, the god of the afterlife – watching over the boy king .

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 summary

A.R Williams, the writer of the lesson, gives a description of the life and death of King Tutankhamun, who was the last ruler of the pharaoh dynasty that had ruled Egypt for centuries. Tut was the last descendent of his family and his funeral brought an end to the powerful dynasty he was just a teenager when he died his death was a mysterious and unexpected event. According to the Egyptian customs his body was preserved as a mummy he was buried in a pyramid in a coffin made of gold and containing many other precious things In 1922 his tomb was discovered by an archaeologist, Howard carter who used all kinds of means to remove Tuts mummy from the coffin. In 1968, an anatomy professor X-ray royal the mummy and revealed that Tuts’ breastbone and front ribs were missing It gave a clue that Tut did not die a natural death. in 2005 mummy was again scanned the computer Tomography (CT) scan couldn’t solve the mystery of the death of Tut but gave clues.

Conclusion of summary

Thus the lesson Provides us a knowledge about the Egyptian culture their belief that there was life after death . that is why they buried huge amount of wealth and other necessary things so that they could use then in their life after death.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 Question and answers

Question”1 Forensic reconstruction

Answer” It refers to rebuilding the facts about life and death by putting back together the evidence to examine a crime scientifically . the reconstruction of king Tut’s mummy was done to find solutions to the mysteries surrounding his death.

Question”2 Funerary treasures

Answer” It refers to the valuables and treasures which were buried along with the pharaoh in the pyramid.

Question”3 scudded across

Answer” It refers to moving swiftly from one place to another, it is used in the chapter to describe the movement of the dark -bellied clouds

Question”4 Casket grey

Answer” It refers to ash coloured clouds that hid the stars

Question”5 resurrection

Answer” it refers to rebirth or revival after death.

Question”6 Circumvented

Answer” Outsmarted or outwitted. the thieves would have easily bypassed the guards with artfulness and ripped the mummy apart to remove the gold.

Question”7 Computed tomography

Answer” it refers to CT scan that provides the X -ray image of a body in across section it is used for diagnostic purposes

Question”8 eerie detail

Answer” it refers to detail relating to the supernatural Discovering Tut: she saga Continues understanding the text

Discovering Tut : the saga Continues Extra Question and answers (2 Marks)

Question”1 How was the atmosphere when king Tut’s body was scanned ?

Answer” As king Tut’s body was taken from his resting place in the ancient Egyptian cemetery known as the valley of the king’s an angry wind stirred up ghostly dust devils. dark -bellied clouds had moved across the desert sky all day and covered the stars in grey colour. but when the CT scan was over. the wind had stopped and the winter air lay still. the clouds were gone and the Orion constellation of stars was clearly visible.

Question”2 why is 5th january 2005 a significant date in Tutankhamun’s saga ?

Answer” 5th januray 2005 is a significant date in Tutankhamun’s saga because on this day. the world’s most famous mummy gilded from head to toe was CT scanned in order to probe the remaining mysteries of this little understood young ruler who had died more than 3300 years ago

Question”3 why did the tourists come from around the world? what did they do ?

Answer” The tourists from around the world queued up all afternoon and descended into the narrowed rock -cut tomb. they had come to pay their homage to king Tut. they watched the murals on the walls of the burial chamber some visitors read from guidebook while others stood silently peering at king Tut’s gilded face.

Question”4 what superstition had prevailed about Tutankhamun? did howard carter believe this ? why ?

Answer” The superstition of the pharaoh’s curse – death misfortune falling upon those who disturbed him – had prevailed about Tutankhamun. the Egyptians thus never tried to go near king Tut’s tomb and feared it be disasterous. it could invite the pharaoh’s curse. however. carter was a Britisher and did not believe this because he thought it was just a superstition to keep thieves away from the tomb and ‘ from the enormous wealth buried with the little pharaoh.

Question”5 Do you think Howard carter was absolutely wrong in cutting king Tut’s body into pieces? why ?

Answer” Carter was absolutely wrong in cutting king Tut’s body into pieces. he damaged the mummy to a great extent and destroyed the natural state of the mummy. moreover he did not use scientific methods while excavating king Tut;s mummy resulting in immense disfiguration of the body . this prevented other scientific investigators from trying to find out the reasons for king Tut’s death at an early age .

Question”6 who pointed out that the mummy was in a bad condition ? who was held responsible for it ?

Answer” Zahi Hawass, secretary General of Egypt’s supreme Council of Antiquities bent over the mummy and watched it carefully. he discovered that the mummy was in a very bad condition because Howard carter cut the body into many pieces. as it was stuck to the bottom of the coffin due to the ritual resins becoming hardened. so Zahi Hawass held Howard Carter responsible for the bad condition of the mummy.

Question”7 what was the nature of the wealth with which king Tut’s mummy was buried ? what were the hings of daily use which were buried with him ?

Answer” The wealth with which king Tut was buried remains the richest royal collection ever found and this has become a part of the pharaoh’s legend. the wealth basically contains different stunning artefacts of gold. Tut was also buried with everyday things such as board games. bronze razor, linen undergarments and cases of food and wine.

Question”8 what was the fate of the contents of king Tut’s mummy ?

Answer” Even over 80 years after the discovery of king Tut’s tomb in 1922 surprisingly all its contents were complete . they remain the richest royal collection ever found till 2005 they have now become part of the pharaoh’s legend.

Question”9 what is the significant of the gold in the artefacts found in king Tut’s tomb?

Answer” Tutankhamun was an extremely wealthy Pharaoh. when he died, he was buried with numerous artefacts like pieces of jewellery such as precious collars, inlaid necklaces and bracelets. rings amulets etc. Even the inner coffin and mask were made of pure gold . it was believed that the eternal glitter and brilliance of the precious gold will ensure the rising again of king Tut.

Question”10 why did the artefacts cause a sensation at the time of discovery ?

Answer” The artefacts discovered cause a sensation at the time of discovery because they were all made of pure gold. their brilliance was eternal and never fading. this eternal brilliance of the artefacts was meant to guarantee the king’s resurrection.

Discovering Tut: the saga Continues class 11 MCQ’s Question and Answers

Question”1 How was he landed to rest ?

  1. with gold
  2. with silver
  3. with his family
  4. with his father

Question”2 what happen after he was laid?

  1. he was praised
  2. he was worshipped by people
  3. he was eventually forgotten
  4. he was awake

Question”3 when was king Tut tomb discovered ?

  1. 1922
  2. 1920
  3. 1981
  4. 1991

Question”4 what was the speculation about his death in modern world?

  1. Murder
  2. Accident
  3. suicide
  4. None

Question”5 After how long he was leaving his tomb ?

  1. after 30 years
  2. after 80 years
  3. after 100 years
  4. after 800 years

Question”6 why he was taken out from his tomb.

  1. For CT scan
  2. For research
  3. Both A and B
  4. None

Question”7 CT scan that offers new clues about his ….

  1. a life
  2. death
  3. marriage
  4. Both A and B

Question”8 CT scan was conducted to getmprecise data for an accurate . of the boyish pharaoh .

  1. Research
  2. Project
  3. Forensic reconstruction
  4. expedition

Question”9 At what time the world’s most famous mummy glided head first into a CT scanner ?

  1. P.m on 5 January 2005
  2. P.m on 5 january 2009
  3. A.m on 5 januray 2005
  4. P.m on 7 Januray 2005

Question”10 The world’s most famous mummy glided head first into a CT scanner brought here to probe the lingering medical mysteries of this little understood young ruler who died more than

  1. 3,300 years ago
  2. 3000 years ago
  3. 4000 years ago
  4. 300 years ago
MCQ’s Answers
Q.NO Answer Q.NO Answer
MCQ’s Answers

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