The Adventure class 11 chapter 7 English Hornbill MCQ’s Question and Answer

The Adventure class 11 chapter 7 English Hornbill MCQ’s Question and Answer

Check the below NCERT MCQ’s Questions for class 11 English book Hornbill chapter 7 with Answers were prepared based on the latest Exam pattern we have Provided The Adventure MCQ’s class 11 chapter 7 Question with Answers to help class 11 students understand the concept very well

Question”1 what is the name of the protagonist of the story” the adventure” ?

  1. Professor Gangadharpant Gaitonde
  2. Professor Rajendra prasad
  3. Professor Gill
  4. Professor vikram seth

Question”2 what did you notice about both the world ?

  1. Different histories
  2. Different sets of events
  3. Both A and B
  4. Both the world were same

Question”3 which theory has explained by Rajendra, states that a small change in any situation can result in a shift in behaviour ?

  1. Gravitational theory
  2. theory of relatively
  3. Catasrophe theory
  4. string theory

Question”4 what book did the professor slip into his pocket before leaving the library ?

  1. A newspaper
  2. The last Mughal
  3. An Era of Darkness
  4. Bakhar

Question”5 what did the professor notice at the lecture going on in the pandal ?

  1. There was no crowd
  2. Presidential chair was empty
  3. The speaker was very old
  4. The language in which the lecture was unfamiliar

Question”6 In reality, was the Professor in two different worlds at the present time ?

  1. yes
  2. No
  3. Maybe
  4. Can’t say

Question”7 what is the name of train by which Professor Gaitonde was travelling ?

  1. Ahmedabad Express
  2. Allahabad Express
  3. Bhuj Pune Express
  4. Jijamata Express

Question”8 what did the Professor do when he noticed the empty chair ?

  1. He took the chair
  2. He sat on the chair
  3. He stood in the crowd
  4. Not mentioned in the story

Question”9 For how many days did the professor live in the parallel world ?

  1. Five days
  2. Seven days
  3. One day
  4. Two days

Question”10 why did the Professor go to town hall ?

  1. To read books
  2. To room around
  3. To check facts from history books
  4. None of the above

Question”11 what did Professor find in the fifth volume of ” bhausahebanchi bakhar ?

  1. Marathas had won the battle of panipat
  2. Marathas had lost the battle of Panipat
  3. Marathas had won battle of plassey
  4. all of the above

Question”12 whom did the Professor meet at the hospital ?

  1. Doctor
  2. Nurse
  3. Rajendra Deshpande
  4. Patients

Question”13 what happened to Marathas in reality ?

  1. They won the battle
  2. They lost the battle
  3. Not mentioned in the history
  4. None of the above

Question”14 whom did Professor Gaitonde met during his train journey ?

  1. Sharma ji
  2. Rajendra Deshpande
  3. Khan sahib
  4. Nobody

Question”15 whom did the Professor saw all around at victoria terminus station ?

  1. British Officers
  2. Parsees
  3. Anglo-Indian staff
  4. all of the above

Question”16 How did the crowd react when he sat on the empty Presidential chair ?

  1. The crowd went restless
  2. asked him to leave politely
  3. Heard his speech
  4. Ignored him

Question”17 where was Professor Gaitonde travelling to ?

  1. From Bombay to bangalore
  2. From pune to bombay
  3. No where
  4. From Delhi to Pune

Question”18 Towards which place did the Professor decide to take a walk after having his dinner ?

  1. Azad Maidan
  2. Haji Ali Dargah
  3. Siddivinayak Temple
  4. Shivaji Maidan

Question”19 The Author of the story” the adventure is ”

  1. Jayant Narlikar
  2. Khuswant singh
  3. A.R Williams
  4. Kamala Das

Question”20 Professor Gaintonde is surprised to find bombay under

  1. British rule
  2. French rule
  3. Portuguese rule
  4. None of these


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