Deep water class 12 chapter 3 English flamingo summary

Deep water class 12 chapter 3 English Flamingo summary

deep water class 12 summary

William. O Douglas recalled an unfortunate childhood experience. this happened when I was ten or eleven years old. he decided to learn to swim. Y.M.CA.It has a pool. In Yakima, this is safe the shallow end is only two or three feet deep. and the other end is nine feet deep, and decline is gradual. he got a pair of hydrofoils and walked to the pool. he hates walking naked in the water and showing off his thin legs.

the author had a dislike of water when he was three or four years old. his father took him to the beach in California. they stand together in the waves. the waves overturned him and swept him away. he was buried underwater. his breath was exhausted. I was scared his father laughed. but the overwhelming power of the waves filled the young writer’s heart with fear. chapter

Going to the YMCA. the unpleasant memory is resurrected. the first time I went to the swimming pool. Childish fears are aroused. but he quickly gained confidence. he watched the other boys row through the water with their hydrofoils he tried to learn by imitating them. did this two or three times on different days. when the misfortune happened. he had just begun to feel comfortable in the water.

when he went to the pound. there was no one else. so he sat by the pool and waited for someone. soon after a big boy, a boxer arrived he is about eighteen years old and had beautiful muscles in his legs and arms. h called the author’ skinny and asked how he would like to submerge himself in the water.

The boxer boy picked up Douglas and threw him into the abyss. he fetched water in a sitting position. he swallowed. and immediately went down to the bottom. he was scared but he did not lose his mind. he made a plan. when his feet touch the bottom he will take a big step. it rose to the surface like a cork, lay on it. and then paddled to the edge of the pool. there seem to be more than ninety of those nine feet. before landing his lungs were about to explode. when his feet touched the bottom. he jumped up sharply, but he couldn’t surface rises slowly his eyes and nose came out of the water.

But his mouth did not. it moved around her legs on the water. he swallowed and choked. he tried to lift his legs, he returned to the bottom of the pool. he screamed underwater. because fear caught him. he was paralyzed underwater but the beating of his heart and head told him that he was still alive. when it hit the bottom. he tried his best. jumping makes no difference. the water is still by his side.

His arms and legs do not move. I was trembling with fear. he tried to ask for help and called his mother. but nothing happened. then he stood up. his eyes and nose are almost without water. he sniffed the air and got water. he began to fall for the third time.

Then all the efforts came to an end. and he relaxed. Darkness occupied his brain and killed fear. no more panic he felt sleepy and wanted to sleep. he gave up all attempts. he forgot everything. when he recovered. he found himself vomiting face down by the pool. the boy who threw it said’ I’m just kidding. some people said that the boy almost died. then they took him to the locker room.

a few hours later, I was walking home. he was weak and shaking when. he was lying in bed, he would shake and cry. he couldn’t eat anything that night. for days there was a lingering fear in his heart. he never returned to the swimming pool. he is afraid of water and avoids water whenever he has the opportunity.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, deep water summary, we learn that if we are determined enough and have the courage, we can overcome any fear that comes our way without letting the fear overpower. us


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