The Rattrap class 12 chapter 4 English Flamingo summary

The Rattrap class 12 chapter 4 English Flamingo summary

The Rattrap class 12 summary

Once upon a time, there was a man who sold small barbed wire. he made them himself, but his business was not profitable. therefore he had to beg and steal a little to survive .her clothes are in tatters, her cheeks are sunken, and her eyes are hungry. his life is sad and monotonous. he has no company.

One day suddenly thought that the whole world was just one big mouse. it baits people by providing wealth and joy. shelter and food. calories and clothing, just as a mousetrap provides cheese and pork. as long as someone it tempted to touch the bait, the mousetrap will move closer to it and then run out.

One night, he walked slowly with heavy steps and saw a small gray wooden house on the side of the road. he knocked on the door and asked to spend the night. An owner is an old man. he has no wife or children. I was very happy to find someone to talk to alone. at dinner, he served him porridge and his pipe gave him tobacco. then he took out a set of old cards and played ‘ majlis with his guests until bedtime.

The owner was a farmer during the prosperity of the Ramsche Ironworks. he used to work on this land. he can’t do day work now. holding him is his cow. this extraordinary cow can provide milk to the butter factory every day. he told the stranger that he had received the thirty pay crowns last month. the farmer showed his guest three crumpled Akron banknotes, which he took from a leather bag hung from a nail in a window frame.

The next day, they both got up very early. the farmer is eager to milk his cow. when his master gets up, the other person doesn’t want to stay in bed. they left the hut at the same time. the farmer closed the door and put the key in his pocket. the rat catcher said goodbye, thanked his master and left. after half an hour. the hawker returned. he smashed a window glass, put it in his hand, and grabbed the bag containing thirty crowns. he took out the money and put it in his pocket.

Then he hung up the leather bag carefully and left. he is happy for her cleverness. then he realized that he was afraid to continue driving on public roads. then he came to the forest. he entered a large and chaotic forest. he continued walking but did not reach the end of the forest. he realized that he was simply walking through the same part of the forest. he thought he was hooked. he was hooked. the entire forest seemed to him an insurmountable prison, and he could never escape.

The end of December .the darkness increased the danger. and his sorrow and despair increased, he fell to the ground because he was too tired. he heard the sound of hammering. with all his might, he got up and staggered in the direction of the sound. he came to a forge, and the master blacksmith and his assistant were sitting near the stove. waiting for the pig iron to be ready to be placed on the anvil. there are many sounds. the groaning of the great bellows, the cracking of the burning embers, the snap of the fire boy scooping coal out with a shovel, the roar of the waterfall the north wind blowing the rain on the brick roof. due to all these noises. the blacksmith did not notice someone opening the door and entering the forge until the stranger stood near the furnace.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, the Rattrap summary, we learn that we can change the world through kindness and compassion, in addition, it teacher us that materialistic things never bring inner joy, only love and respect does.

Class 12 English Flamingo summary
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