The Trees class 10 Poem 8 English First Flight summary

The Trees class 10 Poem 8 English First Flight summary

The Trees class 10 summary

The Trees” poem is written by Adrienne Rich. The trees shows the conflict between man and nature. Human beings have destroyed the nature. which is not acceptable by the nature. human beings have used nature for their own benefit and caused a lot harm to it.

The trees from the poetess. house are going out in the forest to free themselves the forest has been empty for a long time. As the forest outside was empty for a long time. no birds could sit on the branches of trees. no insects could hide in the trees and sunlight could never hide under the shadows of the trees. the forests which were empty all these nights will be full of trees by the morning as the trees are moving. out.

The poetess says that the trees work silently in the night to free themselves from the boundaries of the house. the leaves of the trees put a lot pressure on the glass window so that they could break it and go outside twigs have became very hard as they are applying so much pressure to free themselves. the branches have bent because of being inside all the walls and under the roof where they are not able to grow. trees look like newly discharged patients from a hospital who become half-shocked when they come out in the world.

The poetess is sitting in her house and writing letters. In the letters. she has scarcely mentioned about the trees that are moving out to the empty forest. the night is very fresh and the moon is shining in the open sky. the smell of leaves and lichens reaches the poetess like a voice coming from the rooms of the house.

English First Flight class 10 summary
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