Fog class 10 Poem 9 English First Flight summary

Fog class 10 Poem 9 English First Flight summary

Fog Poem 9 summary

In this poem, the poet has used a cat as a metaphor to describe the slow and silent working of nature. he says fog comes silently and slowly like a cat. it sits silently like a cat sits on its haunches. it covers the whole harbour and the city and then moves at once with a sudden blow of wind just as a cat disappears unpredictably.

The poem” Fog is written by Carl Sandburg. In the poem the poet has talked about the arrival of Fog. he has compared the fog with a little cat.

The poet says just like the cat comes silently on its small feet, such that no one notices its arrival the fog also arrives in the same way.

The fog enters the city very slowly and thus. no one can predict its arrival. the fog covers the entire city and watches. it in the same way as the cat sits silently and watches the whole city. the fog sits over the harbour and the whole city silently and looks around. in the same way a cat does.

After some time the fog leaves the city and moves on. the poet wants to say that the fog does not stay in a place for a long time. it disappears and doesn’t get noticed by anyone in the same way as the cat .

English First Flight class 10 summary
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