The Necklace class 10 chapter 7 summary

The Necklace class 10 chapter 7 English Footprints without feet summary

The Necklace class 10 summary

The Necklace was written by Guy de Maupassant. He was a famous 19th century author popularly remembered for his short stories based on real-life situations. this fictional short story is about a pretty lady, Matilda Loisel who lived in a small yet cosy flat with her husband. he worked as a clerk in the office of the board of Education and loved his wife very much.

They were not so well off to be able to have a luxurious lifestyle. they led a simple life. Matilda was unhappy about her condition and always desired to be rich. she often felt disappointed and brooded about her financial condition for not having a huge mansion always in and riches to splurge she always desired to wear beautiful dresses with matching jewellery but she had none of it.

One fine day Mme Loisel’s husband brought her an invitation to a grand ball party at the Minister’s residence he expected his wife to be excited upon seeing the invitation letter. on the contrary when his wife saw the invite she expressed her resentment over it and threw the letter aside and started sobbing over her condition.

When asked she complained of not having a pretty dress to wear on such a grand occasion. she wanted to look beautiful and well groomed at the party such that everyone should admire her. feeling pity for Matilda her loving husband gave her all his saving of four hundred francs to buy a beautiful dress., he had saved that amount for buying a riffle for himself but gave the money to his wife to buy her dress.

Soon the week of the grand party approached Matilda seemed to be anxious again. this time she felt that she didn’t have any matching Jewellery to pair with her lovely dress to this, her husband suggested she request her friend Mme Jeanne Forestier for a neck-piece Matilda went to Jeanne’s house immediately and borrowed a sparkling diamond necklace.

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