Top Courses after class 12th commerce site 2023 colleges

Top Courses after class 12th commerce site 2023 colleges

Top courses for commerce students In this Article we will discuss about top courses for commerce students, so please read the article carefully and according to your interest you can choose your college or courses top courses for commerce students


After completing the 12th grade with a commerce background, you have a plethora of course options to explore. Some of the top courses include Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), and Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA) for those inclined towards finance and accounting. If you seek a broader understanding of business, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular choice. Additionally, Hotel Management, Actuarial Science, and courses in Digital Marketing offer unique and lucrative career paths. For those interested in economics, Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ) is a valuable option, while Hotel Management and Event Management cater to those with a penchant for the hospitality and event industries. The choice of a course should align with your interests and long-term career goals.

Top courses after class 12th commerce
  1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com): This is a popular choice among commerce students. You can specialize in areas like B.Com (Hons), B.Com (General), or B.Com (Specialized) with specializations in fields like Accounting, Finance, and Marketing.
  2. Chartered Accountancy (CA): CA is a prestigious and highly respected profession in the field of finance and accounting. It involves a rigorous examination and practical training.
  3. Company Secretary (CS): CS professionals handle the legal aspects of a company. This course is offered by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI).
  4. Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA): CMA professionals focus on cost management and financial planning. The course is offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI).
  5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): BBA is an undergraduate program in business and management. You can specialize in areas like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, or International Business.
  6. Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ): This program focuses on economics and its applications in various sectors.
  7. Bachelor of Business Economics (BBE): BBE is an interdisciplinary program that combines economics with business studies.
  8. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS): BMS is a management-focused program that covers various aspects of business and management.
  9. Bachelor of Financial and Investment Analysis (BFIA): This program is focused on finance, investments, and financial analysis.
  10. Hotel Management: If you have an interest in the hospitality industry, you can pursue a degree in Hotel Management.
  11. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): If you are interested in the field of IT and computer applications, BCA is an option.
  12. Actuarial Science: Actuaries are professionals who assess and manage financial risks. You can pursue actuarial science courses and become an actuary.
  13. Event Management: If you have a flair for organizing and managing events, you can consider courses in event management.
  14. Digital Marketing: In the age of the internet, digital marketing has become a significant field. You can take courses in digital marketing to build a career in online advertising and promotion.
Top Colleges in India for Commerce Students and fees also

I can provide you with a list of some of the top colleges in India for commerce students, along with an estimate of their fees. Please note that fees can vary, and it’s advisable to check with the colleges for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Here’s the information in table form

College Name
Estimated Annual Fees (in INR)

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)
Delhi 20,000-25,000
Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)
Delhi 15,000-20,000
Loyola College
Chennai 15,000 – 20,000
St. Xavier’s CollegeMumbai 10,000 – 15,000
Christ UniversityBangalore
60,000 – 70,000

Narsee Monjee College of Commerce
Mumbai 30,000 – 35,000

Hindu College
Delhi 15,000 – 20,000
Hansraj College
Delhi 15,000 – 20,000

Note Please keep in mind that the fees mentioned here are approximate and can change over time. It’s important to verify the current fees and admission requirements directly with the respective colleges. Additionally, scholarships and financial aid may be available to eligible students at these institutions

Top courses for commerce students

Short-Term Courses After 12th Commerce
  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA): CPA is a globally recognized certification in accounting and finance. Short-term courses can prepare you for the CPA exams.
  2. Certificate in Stock Market and Trading: Learn the basics of stock market trading, investment strategies, and stock analysis.
  3. Graphic Designing Courses: Develop your skills in graphic design, which can be useful in various industries, including advertising and media.
  4. Web Development and Designing Courses: Learn web development languages and tools to build websites and web applications.
  5. Foreign Language Courses: Learning a foreign language can open up career opportunities in translation, international business, and tourism.
  6. Advanced Excel Courses: Mastering Microsoft Excel is a valuable skill for data analysis and financial modeling.
  7. Data Analytics Courses: Gain proficiency in data analytics tools and techniques, which are in high demand in various industries
Top courses for commerce students Professional Courses after 12th Commerce
  1. Chartered Accountancy (CA): Becoming a Chartered Accountant is a prestigious and highly respected profession in the field of finance and accounting. It involves a series of exams and practical training, making it a challenging but rewarding career choice.
  2. Company Secretary (CS): As a Company Secretary, you’ll handle the legal and corporate governance aspects of businesses. CS professionals are in demand for their expertise in corporate law and compliance.
  3. Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA): CMAs focus on cost management, financial planning, and management accounting. This course, offered by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI), opens doors to careers in financial management and cost analysis.
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): BBA is an undergraduate program in business and management that provides a strong foundation in various business disciplines. It offers specializations in areas like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and International Business.
best courses after 12th commerce with maths


In conclusion, for students who have completed the 12th grade with a commerce background, there is a wide range of professional courses available to choose from. These courses, including Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountancy (CMA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) with professional certifications, offer specialized education and open the doors to rewarding career opportunities in finance, business management, and corporate governance. The choice of a professional course should align with your interests, long-term career goals, and the level of commitment you are willing to dedicate to your chosen field.


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