managerial planning CBSE definition plans, nature limitations

Managerial planning CBSE. Definations, plans, planning is the most fundamental function of management, An organisation can succeed in effective utilization of its human, material and financial resources only when its management decides in advance its objectives and methods of achieving them, if group effort is to be effective , people must know what they are … Read more

important questions for class 12 Accountancy Not for organisation practice

Important question for class 12 Accountancy chapter Not for organisation. QUESTION:1 From the following details, ascertain the amount of subscription to be credited to income and expenditure account for the year 2012′ ” subscriptions Received in 2012 including Rs, 20,000 for 2011and Rs, 15,000 for 2013 Rs, 2,45,000 ” subscription due but not received at … Read more

deep water NCERT solution class 12, summary English explanation images, word meanings question and answer

deep water class 12 CBSE English summary, explanation , word meanings, NCERT, solution point to Remember William Douglas feared water 3 or 4 year old, went to beach with father, knocked down, swept over by waves, suffocated, Frightened decided to learn swimming at Y.M.C.A , pool Yakima pool safe 2/3 feet at shallow end, 9 … Read more

notice writing class 12 CBSE , format important topics and examples,

Notice writing class 12 [CBSE] , format, examples, Important Topics what is notice? A notice is a medium to convey a message to masses together at the same time, Distribution of mark Format: name of the institution, ..notice , title , date writer’s name (1 mark) content: what , when , where how, who, (2 … Read more

poster writing CBSE class 12 format, examples and important topics

poster writing class 12 CBSE format example solutions Poster writing class 12 what is a poster? posters is are a medium of presenting information in a visually attractive and appealing manner. A poster is used to spread awareness regarding social, issue an event or a product, Distribution of Marks Format —1 mark Content–1 mark Expression … Read more

CBSE debate writing class 12 format examples and marking scheme

debate writing class 12 [CBSE] , format & Examples, DEBATE A debate is the formal discussion or argument on a particular matter delivered in favour of or against a subject in a disciplined strong, convincing and refuting manner, Distribution of marks Format– 1 mark Content- 4 mark Expression- 5 mark Further Birfucation of Expression Grammatical … Read more

NCERT solution for class-12 flamingo English chapter 2 lost spring explanation notes, word meanings

lost spring class-12, solutions, LOST SPRING Anees jung, a famous story writer utters destitution of ragpickers of seemapuri and bangle makers of Firozabad, it sensitises the readers to step forward to save the spring (Childhood) of beautiful human life so that many children would be able to avail the apportunities to realize their dreams, Points … Read more

CBSE class 12 English letter writing business complaint editor letters

class 12 for business / official latters A letter is a form of written communication letters are of two types–Formal and informal Formal letter include business or official letters ( for making enquiries , registering complaints, asking for end giving information , placing / cancelling orders and sending replies). letters to the editor (giving suggestions … Read more

speech writing class-12-[CBSE]-format examples, marking scheme

speech writing class 12 what is speech? A speech is a formal talk or discourse delivered to an audience to express thought / opinion over a particular subject. matter, it reflects of thoughts and accuracy of tests in a balanced manner. the phrases information used should be contemporary , with accurate date, motivational words and … Read more