A tiger in the Zoo class 10 Poem 3 Question and answer

A tiger in the zoo class 10 question and answer

NCERT Solution for class 10 English Poem 3 A tiger in the zoo poem Provided here with simple step-by step explanations, these solution for A tiger in the zoo class 10 Question and answer are extremely popular among class 10 students for English A tiger in the zoo class 10 Question and answer solution come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for all exams

Question and answer

Question”1 Read the poem Again and work in pairs or groups to do the following tasks

i. Find the words that described the movements and action of the tiger in the cage and in the wild Arrange them in two columns.

ii. Fin the words that described the two places and arrange them in two columns

Now try to share idea about how the poet uses words and image to contrast the two situations


(1) In the cage In the wild
Stalks quiet rage, ignoring visitors hears the sound of patrolling cars stares at stars Lurking in shadow sliding around the long grass snarling around houses baring his white fangs terrorizing the village
(2) Cage wild
Few steps of his cage shadow, long grass
Locked in concrete snarling around houses
His strength Barling his white fangs, his claws
Ignoring Terrorising the village

Question”2 Notice the use of a word repeated in lines such as these”

i. On pads of velvet quiet in his quite rage

ii. And stares with his brilliant eyes at the brilliant stars

what do you think is the effect of this repetition ?

Answer” The poet has repeated the words to give a nice impact to his poem like the use of quiet with velvet pads describes that the tiger has to walk in the limited area of his cage he cannot run as he would have done had it been in the forest whereas quiet rage”shows the hidden anger inside him which has grow stronger because of his confinement in the cage the next word he used is “brilliant the word brilliant in the first line means the twinkling bright stars and the brilliant words used for the tiger’s eyes shows the sadness of the tiger who would have led a free and fearless life it were in the jungle

Question”3 Read the following two poems-one about a tiger and the other about a panther then discuss :

Are Zoos necessary for the protection or conservation of some species of animals? are they useful for educating the public ? are there alternatives to zoos?


The Tiger

The tiger behind the bars of his cage growls The tiger behind the bars of his cage snarls The tiger behind the bars of his cage roars then he think it would be nice not to be behind bars all the time

Because they spoil my view I wish I were wild not on show but if were wild hunters might shoot me , but if were wild, food might poison me, but if i were wild, water might drown me then he stops thinking,

and The tiger behind the bars of his cage growls the tiger behind the bars of his cage snarls the tiger behind the bars of his cage roars” [ PETER NIBLETT]

The Panther

His vision from the constantly passing bars has grown so weary that it cannot hold anything else it seems to him there are a thousand bars : and behind the bars no world as he paces in cramped circles, over and over, the movement of his powerful soft strides is like a ritual dance around a centre in which a mighty will stands paralysed only at times the curtain of the pupils lifts quietly, an image enters in rushes down through the tensed arrested muscles , Plunges into the heart and is gone [ RAINER MARIA RILKE ]

A tiger in the Zoo short Question and answer

Question”1 who’ is here? how does he walk?

Answer here he id the tiger”he walks with pride

Question”2 what emotion does he show?

Answer” He”shows anger

Question”3 what does pads of velvet mean?

Answer” Pads” of velvet” means animal’s soft soles

Question”4 Name the poem and the poet

Answer” Poem – A tiger in the zoo poet-Leslie Norris

Question”5 How should the tiger walk through the grass?

Answer” The tiger should slide through the grass

Question”6 why should the tiger lurk in the shadow?

Answer” The tiger should lurk in the shadow to hunt for food

Question”7 who passes near the water hole?

Answer” The fat deer pass near the water hole

Question”8 where should the tiger hide to himself ?

Answer” The tiger should hide to himself near the water hole

Question”9 what should he be doing near the houses ?

Answer” He should be snarling near the houses

Question”10 where are the houses situated ?

Answer” These houses are at the edge of the jungle

Question”11 How would he terrorise the villagers?

Answer” He would terrorise the villagers by showing his fangs and claws

Question”12 In what kind of a cell is he locked?

Answer” He is locked in a concrete cell

Question”13 who is being ignored?

Answer” Visitors are being ignored

Question”14 whose strength is behind the bars?

Answer” The strength of the locked animal is behind the bars

Question”15 what sound does the tiger hear at night?

Answer” The tiger hears the sound of patrolling cars at night

Question”16 How do his eye look?

Answer” His eyes look brilliant

Question” 17 at what does he look at night?

Answer” He looks at the shining stars at night

Question”18 what can be said about the stripes on his body?

Answer” The stripes on his body are clearly visible

Question”19 where is the tiger now?

Answer” Tiger is in the cage

Question”20 why is he in his quiet rage?

Answer” He is Unhappy and angry but controls his rage quietly

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