NCERT Solution for class 10 English first flight poem 7 Animals Question and answer

Animals class 10 Poem 7 Question and answer

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Question”1 Does’ dying really rhyme with, lion ? can you say it in such a way that it does?

Answer” The actual words is dying which does not rhyme with lion in order to create rhyme it is written as dying in the poem

Question”2 How does the poet suggest that you identify the lion and the tiger? when can you do so according to him?

Answer” The poet differentiates the two in the following manner” he says that if the beastis of yellow-brown colour that is tawny colour and it roars out so fiercely that you may die out of fear then this is an Asian lion whereas if the animal has black stripes on yellow background of the skin and he attacks to kill you then it is a Bengal tiger

Question”3 Do you think words lept” and lep” in the third stanza are spelt correctly? why does the poet spell them like this?

Answer” The words’ lept” and lep” have not been spelled correctly it is a poetic device known as poetic license which is used by the poet to lay emphasis on the actions of the leopard

Question”4 Look at the line “A novice might nonplus”how would you write this” correctly ? why is the poet’s incorrect line better in the poem?

Answer” The correct order of the sentence is a novice might be nonplussed “the poet wrote it in order to bring rhyme to her poem nonplus rhymes with thus”

Question”5 Notice the use of the word “turn inn the first line”I think I could turn and live with animals….”what is the poet turning from?

Answer” The poet is turning away from living with other humans as he finds them complicated and false he would rather live with animals that are self-contained and non-complaining

Question”6 Mention three things that humans do and animals don’t

Answer” The poet has drawn three comparison between humans and animals

  1. Humans sweat and work to make a living and later whine and sulk about the amount of work they have to do to survive animals on the other hand do not whine about their condition
  2. Humans lie awake at night and cry for the wrongs they have done animals do not weep for anything they do and and sleep peacefully
  3. Finally humans make each other sick by discussing their duties to God however animals do not have any god and they live and survive without any prayers of fasts

Question”7 Do Humans kneel to other humans who lived thousands of years ago? discuss this is groups

Answer” Yes” humans kneel to other humans who lived thousands of years ago they worship their ancestors and pray by kneeling in front of their portraits they hold religious sermons and ceremonies in their memory

Question”8 what are the “tokens that the poet says he may have dropped long ago, and which the animals have kept for him? Discuss this in class (Hint” whitman belongs to the Romantic tradition that includes Rousseau and Wordsworth which holds that Civilization has made humans false to their own true nature what could be the basic aspects of our nature as living beings that humans choose to ignore or deny?

Answer” The token that the poet says he might have dropped long ago and which the animals have kept for him is true nature as a human while humans came close to civilization they gradually moved away from their true nature the natural instincts that humans had and helped each other have been left behind somewhere as they got near civilization they chose to leave behind the virtues of kindness sincerity unselfishness joy”satisfaction respectability and sharing they took to vices such as greed selfishness desire to capture everything and other such inhuman characteristics animals have carried forward the real instincts and characteristics which the poet looks at and tries to remember where he had negligently lost his true nature

Question”9 Much of the humour in the poem arises from the way language is used although the idea are funny as well if there are particular lines in the poem that you especially like share these with the class” speaking briefly about what it is about the ideas or the language that you like or find funny ?

Answer” Yes”it is true that the poet has used the language in a way that it arises humour the poet has used many lines that are funny one such it if he roars at you as you’re dying “you II” known it is the Asian Lion or the other one is A wild beast greets you ‘so his idea of explaining the characteristics of the wild animals is quite funny

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