Keeping Quiet class 12 poem 3 English Flamingo summary

Keeping Quiet class 12 poem 3 English Flamingo summary

Keeping quiet class 12 summary

This poem emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and silence. also these two can change a person’s life. furthermore. they can also change the face of the earth. the poet said that self-reflection and silence do not take long to examine the heart. anyone can do it and check themselves. this is easy, as long as the number of people reaches twelve. during this period of introspection (self-examination), it is important for the individual to keep quiet.

The Individual should not say anything. without silence and without keeping silence, self-reflection will not work. silent reflection can give the individual a strange feeling of oneness with everyone else. will definitely feel a bit strange at first. however, in the end it has the power to bring us all together. this silence will eliminate annoying engine sounds. also,

This silence will not be swayed by people rushing to finish work. the author feels satisfied when imagining the changes that will take place in those moments. men who have to deal with pain while collecting salt will get some relief. even people who long for war and destruction will put on clean clothes and have the opportunity to walk with their brothers.

They will experience a life free of hostility and hatred your destructive and dangerous activities will cease. once this harmful activity ceases, even for a short time peace and quiet will be everywhere. the poet clarified that his wish should not mean” complete inactivity the poet only hopes to interrupt a moment in the violent,

Cruel and sad activities that take place all over the world. so that people can reflect on their action. In fact what he said was related to life rather than death. activity is the essence of life. and non-activity is a symbol of death. however for a new, improved and useful activity, a, little stillness is very important .

The poet uses the image of the earth to explain how life exists in things that seem to be asleep. in winter the earth becomes very silent. as if dead. In spring the land comes to life. also in spring new beauties and colors will be added. similarly a person can resume activities in a better way after being a little more calm and quiet.

Conclusion of summary

Keeping quiet summary tells us about the big impact of silence self-Introspection in making this world a better place.


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