An Elementary school classroom in a slum class 12 poem 2 English Flamingo summary

An Elementary school classroom in a slum class 12 poem 2 English Flamingo summary
An Elementary school classroom in a slum class 12 summary

An Elementary school classroom in a slum class 12 summary

The appearance of students shows that they are not welcome. the child’s facial expression is very depressed. they Inherited unhealthy bodies. from their parents. at the end of the classroom. a boy was sitting there with bright eyes and full of dreams. the walls of the classroom are dirty and dirty.

Many people provided multiple graphics and pictured to hang on the wall. there is a poster with shakespear’s bald head, which looks like a rising sun. the second sign is the Tyrolean valley. also the other is a map of the world. for these students, the world is not what they see in the picture.

For these students the world is the scenery outside the classroom seen through the window. these children are trapped in slum. they have a dark and desperate future. they all have a dark and depressing future. In addition they also have imperfect and disappointing choices in life.

They stay away from the light of knowledge . understanding these images is beyond your ability. In addition, these children hate everyone, and for them shakespeare is a good person, since no one loves them even they hate everyone .the desire for love forced them to commit crimes such as robbery. children are too thin and their bones and skeleton can be seen clearly through them.

This is due to a lack of nutrition. steel cups are cheap. your glasses are heavy and uncomfortable at the same time, building larger slums further reduces your chances of realizing your dreams and aspirations and getting rid of poverty. until unless they leave the slum, they will never understand the outside world.

The government system that created these slums is the main reason people live here. students have no right to dream outside these slums. the government restricts them to these slums. the poet also called on the authorities to allow these poor children to leave these slums. students need to see the outside world. also the map on the classroom wall will definitely become a reality for them.

In addition, they should be taken to areas with fields and green spaces. the sunny atmosphere and the warm beach connect them with the thirst for knowledge. if these children can learn. then these children will be financially recognized.

Conclusion of summary

To conclude, an elementary school classroom in a slum summary tells us about the poor condition of the students .the schools are very poor in condition. the future of these kids is in dark. this story also teachers us the value of education and the value of all the things that we have and many do not.

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