My childhood class 9 chapter 6 English summary

My Childhood class 9 chapter 6 English Beehive summary

my childhood class 9 short summary

Prof. Abdul Kalam’s birth and childhood

This lesson tells us about prof. Abdul Kalam’s childhood he is one of the world’s greatest scientist. his father’s name was jainulabdeen. his mother’s name was Ashiamma. he was born in 1931 at Rameswaram. his parents were neither much educated nor rich. yet they were very generous and kind. many outsiders ate with the family everyday.

His first earning Abdul Kalam was only eight years old when the second world war broke out in 1939. there was suddenly a great demand for tamarind seeds. Abdul kalam would collect these seeds and sell them in the market. his cousin Samsuddin distributed newspapers. he employed Abdul kalam as a helping hand. In this way, the child Abdul earned his first wages.

New teacher’s casteist action Abdul kalam’s parents highly influenced him. some of his friends and teachers also influenced him. he was in the fifth standard at Rameswaram Elementary school. a new teacher came to the class. Abdul was sitting with his close friend Ramanadha Sastry in the front row. the new teacher could not tolerate a Hindu priest’s son sitting with a Muslim boy. he asked Abdul to sit on the back bench.

Effect of teacher’s action he was very sad and so was Ramanadha Sastry. Abdul found Sastry weeping as he went to the last row. this made a lasting impression on Abdul .later Ramanadha Sastrjr’s father called the teacher .he asked him not to spread the poison of social separation among the children. the teacher felt sorry for the same.

His science teacher’s anti-casteist action Abdul’s science teacher Sivasubramania lyer was high caste Brahmin. his wife was very conservative. but he did his best to break social barriers. one day he invited Abdul to his home for a meal. his wife refused to serve Abdul in her kitchen. then Sivasubramania. served Abdul with his own hands. he sat down beside him to eat his meal. the teacher invited Abdul to come again the next weekend. he went to his house next week. his wife took Abdul inside henkitchen .she served him food with her own hands.

Abdul’s Inheritance of human values from his father. Abdul inherited honesty and self discipline. Abdul grew up he asked his father’s permission to study at Ramanathapuram. his father allowed him to do so he consoled his wife who had grown emotional .

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