If I were you class 9 Chapter 11 English summary

If I were you class 9 chapter 11 English Beehive summary

If I were you class 9 summary

About the story

This is the story of an Intruder. He entered the house of a playwright, Gerrard. he however did not know that the owner of the cottage was a playwright. he only knew him as Gerrard. he had heard about him a few things. he knew that Gerrard was sometimes of a mystery man. he lived in the wilds of Essex. Gerrard gave his orders on phone and never met the tradesmen.

The Intruder enters Gerrard’s house the Intruder was a Criminal. he had also killed a policemen. he was now. being chased by police. he thought that he resembled Gerrard in body. he decide to kill Gerrard and then live himself as Gerrard. so he broke into the cottage of Gerrard,. one day .

Gerrard ready to go out Gerrard was then preparing to leave his house. he was going to attend a rehearsal of his drama. he had prepared his bag in which there were props for the rehearsal. Intruder threatens to short Gerrard the Intruder threatened Gerrard. with his questions then he told him that he intended to kill him and the live in his house as Gerrard. He resembled Gerrard in body. Not many people came to see. him the Intruder thought he could live as Gerrard the rest of his life. he learnt to imitate Gerrard’s voice.

How the Intruder reacts hearing this, the Intruder began to think. this was an opportunity. for Gerrard. he asked him to hurry and run with him in his car to a safer place. the police were likely to come there soon. he opened a door which was, in fact the door of a cupboard. the Intruder looked in to see what it was.

How the Intruder is trapped just then, Gerrard gave him a push. the revolver fell as the Intruder stepped into the door in a moment and picked up the revolver. then he telephoned to call in the police to arrest the Intruder.

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