In the kingdom of fools class 9 chapter 4 summary

In the kingdom of fools class 9 chapter 4 English Moment summary

In the kingdom of fools class 9 summary

The kingdom of fools in the kigdom of fools the king and the kingdom of fools the king and the minister were idiots. they ordered all things to be reversed. they decided to change night into day and day into night. they ordered people to do day’s work in night and sleep in the day. anyone not obeying was to be punished with death. so people out of fear did’as they were asked to do. this delighted the king and the minister.

A guru and disciple see the city once a guru aidyd his disciple arrived in the city. they found everyone asleep during the day. no activity was obserevd. it amazed them. they wanderd till evening then the people woke up. they started doing their nightly businesses. now the two were hungry they bought some food items. the price of everything was same, single duddu. this surprised and delighted them. the guru realized that it was really a kingdom of fools.

Guru leaves the city but disciple remains behind. the guru decided to leave the city of fools. he asked his disciple also to leave the place. but the disciple didn’t want to do so for cheap food. the guru advised the disciple that nothing could be predicted of fools. remained behind. time passed on the disciple ate to his. fill as a result he became very fat.

A thief breaks into a rich merchant’s house one day a thief broke into a rich merchant’s house. he was taking out the stolen things. just then the wall of the old house fell on his head. he was killed instantly. the brother of the thief complained to the king about his death.he blamed the owner of the house for his brother’s death.

The owner is summoned the king heard the accused he accused him of killing the thief. but the owner said that he was innocent.he said that the person who built the wall was responsible. he didn’t make the good wall. the king decided to summon the bricklayer.

The king summon the bricklayer the king asked the bricklayer if he had built the wall he accused him of killing the thief. before the king could order his death, the bricklayer pleasded innocence. he told the king that he could not concentrate while building the wall. A dancing girl moved in the street. so she was responsible for it.

The dancing girl is summoned the king charged the dancing girl of killing the thief.the dancing girl said that the goldsmith was responsible for it.she had to make some

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