Poets and Pancakes class 12 chapter 6 English Flamingo summary

Poets and Pancakes class 12 chapter 6 English Flamingo summary

Poets and pancakes class 12 summary

The course started with Asokamitran telling us about Gemini research we learned about a very popular cosmetics brand called” Pancakes Gemini studio overuses the brand and orders a large number of products. after that, he continued to tell readers about the problems faced by actors and actresses.

we learned that when they are ready in the dressing room, there are many lights on their faces. furthermore, she also mentioned how the makeup department uses a lot of cosmetics to make them look ugly, he also introduced us to the clerk in the makeup department, whose job is to put paint on the players’ faces during the shootout. In addition, we learn that the author is a poet who joined the studio as an actor.

screenwriter, director, or lyricist .he has a cubicle to work, where he must collect the newspaper. clippings. the boy in the office always brought his complaints to the author. the author believes that it is the sub that worries him. since Subbu is a Brahmin, the author thinks he has an advantage. we see that Subbu is a resourceful man, and his loyalty makes him unique.

Subbu is very suitable for movies. it is impossible to make movies without it. Everyone loves the friendliness and hospitality of Subbu. like he works in the story department, which also has a lawyer, however. people think he is the complete opposite of legal counsel. moreover. in a group with only dreamers. he is a logically neutral person.

After that, we learned how Gemini studio had the opportunity to host the moral Reformation Army. Although they don’t have very complicated plots or information, their sets and costumes are almost perfect . In addition, another guest Stephen spind visited the Gemini studio. however. it turns out that he is not that famous. and many people have not even heard of him. In addition many people cannot understand

It due to language barriers. therefore. his visit remained a mystery until many years later. the author saw Stephen’s name in the book and recognized it when he visited the study.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, poets and pancakes summary, we learn about the film industry in detail and the inside functioning as well as when Independent India was in its infancy.

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