The Interview class 12 chapter 7 English Flamingo summary

The Interview class 12 chapter 7 English Flamingo summary

The Interview class 12 summary

In This chapter, the author firs introduced us to the interview method. we learned that it is very common in journalism, and its origin can be traced back 130 years. he said that, as expected different people have different opinions on the concept and purpose of interviews. some people think it’s good and some people can’t bear to be interviewed can leave a lasting impression.

And as an old saying goes. when we perceive a specific person, the originals identity of their soul disappears. criticize interviews. similarly, Rudyard kipling’s wife wrote in her diary how two journalists in Boston destroyed her. you think the Interview is an attack. furthermore, he even believes that such crimes should be punished. furthermore. kipling believes that no respectable person

Will request or accept interviews. In addition. this chapter contains excerpts from interviews from Indian newspapers and umverto Eco’s Mukund. Eco is a professor at the university of Bologna. Italy before he began writing novels. his position as a scholar in semiotics (semiotic studies), literary interpretation, and the philosophy of medieval aesthetics was overwhelming.

In the interviews, we saw her focused on her successful novel’ the name of the rose’ his novels have sold more than 10 million copies. Mukund first asked how he did such a different things. umberto responded that he was doing the same thing. In addition. he continues to defend his books around peace and non-violence. we learned that umberto classifies himself as an academic scholar. he attend various academic conferences throughout the week and writes

Novels on Sundays furthermore. he claimed that other people think that he is a novelist rather than a scholar, and that does not influence him. he agreed that it is quite difficult to influence millions of people with academic work.

Additionally, we also learned how he believes that there is empty space in our lives, just like space in atoms. he called them empty and admitted that he did most of the productive work during that time. speaking of his novel. he commended that the book is not metaphysics. theology and medieval history. similarly, ten years earlier or later. he will not achieve the same success. therefore the reason for the success of the novel remains a mystery.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, the Interview summary, we learn how many people differ when it comes to Interviews, nonetheless, they are very interesting and informative as seen from umberto’s Interview.

Class 12 English Flamingo summary
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