For Anne Gregory class 10 Poem 11 English First Flight summary

For Anne Gregory class 10 Poem 11 English First Flight summary

For Anne Gregory class 10 summary

The poem is basically conversation between the poet and a young girl named Anne Gregory, the poet says to Anne Gregory that a young man describe her beauty and says that she has such beautiful golden hair that anyone will fall in love with her.

They fall on her ears and seem like protecting them in the similar way as a boundary wall protects the fort. her hair symbolises the outer beauty that prevents anyone from looking inside her soul. any man gets easily attracted to her and does not look into Anne’s character and real nature beyond the beauty.

That’s why the poet feels that no one can love Anne for her real nature without outward beauty. One can only love her for her golden hair and physical beauty. Anne says to the poet that she can change her hair color. she can get a hair dye and colour her hair as brown. black or carrot colour. she means that the outer beauty is temporary ” it can change at any time. so

The men who love her will see her actual nature behind the beauty. she hopes that the ma who falls in love with her will love her for what she is and not for her yellow hair and external beauty.

the poet replies to Anne after listening to her thoughts about love for internal beauty and not external. he says that he had heard an old religious man saying that only God can love us for what we are, and he can prove this by the fact mentioned in a religious book.

Humans always look for outer beauty and are carried away by its shine and glitter. they do not have a deep understanding to look into the soul of a person. only God can do so and love us for outer inner qualities.

English First Flight summary

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