The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 summary

The snake Trying class 9 Poem 9 English Beehive summary

The snake Trying class 9 summary

This poem deal with the plight of s snake in a beautiful manner. one day a snake was lying on the bank of a water body. this waterbody could have been a river or a pond. then a human cateches the glimpse of this snake that was lying there peacefully. as is expected from any human. this person becomes terrified after catchinga glimpse of the snake and runs after him with a stick. obviously as one can expect from a human. the person immediately intends to kill this snake. now sensing danger.

The snake tries to escape from the approaching attack. In order to run the snake makes sundden curves in its body. furthermore the body of the snake is long and thin. the poet expresses his fascination with the graceful movements of the snake. moreover, the snake glides through the water in order to save itself from the stroke.

The snake moves through with the aim of saving itself. this is a natural thing for any animal to do. any animal on sensing would instinctively try to protect itself from the possible harm. it seems that the poet has sympathy for the poor creature. furthermore, the author pleads the pursuer to let it escape. and leave it unharmed.

The poet requests the pusuer to not disturb the snake. he expresses his desire to let the snake go without hurting it. it seems that an author is a person with a good heart and clearly has an effection for the living creatures. this affection is something that every human must-have he says that the snake is green in color. furthermore, the author says that the snake is small in size. also according to the author, the snake is harmless even to children,

As it turns out, the pusuer does not pay attention to the poet’s request furthermore, the pursuer continues with his chase of the snake. one can see here the snake. one can see here the resemblance with a persistent evil person here. no matter how many times one asks an evil person to stop. the evil person relentlessly carries on his evil act.

while this chasing was going on, the snake escape the danger in the ripples among the green slim such the snake disappeared and the chase came to an end. the snake hid in the bushes of the marshy plants. the snake had the advantage of the camouflagingbushers that were green in color. most noteworthy, the snake was able to save it life.

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