Weathering the storm in Ersama class 9 chapter 6 summary

Weathering the storm in Ersama class 9 chapter 6 English Moment summary

Weathering the storm in Ersama class 9 summary

Prashant’s visit to Ersama and coming of storm Prashant went to his friend’s house in Ersama on 27 october, 1999. it was seven years after his mother’s death

In the evening. heavy and continuous rain filled the darkness. tree were uprooted. the waters entered his friend’s house. the speed of the wind was 350 km. per hour.

Scene of destruction Everything was destroyed there. the scene of destruction was horrible. prashant and his friend’s family had taken refuge on the roof. prashant won’t forget the horrible scene that he saw. he was greatly shocked to see a huge sheet of water all over it. covered everything as far as the eye could see.

houses were broken. dead animals and human bodies floated everywhere. huge trees had fallen.two coconut trees and fallen on the house of prashant’s friend. its tender coconut kept them alive for several days.

Prashant readies to go home for a couple of days prashant sat huddled on the roof-top with his friend’s family. they were nearly frozen in cold wind. prahsant thought of his family. he decided to go, though his friend’s family asked him to stay back.

prashant was worried about his family. so he got a strong stick. he then started on his eighteen-kilometre journey to his village. the flood waters were swollen.

Prashant on way to his village prashant waded through water. on the way he found two friends of his uncle. they were also returning home. they had to push away many floating dead bodies of human beings and animals to move ahead. there were hardly any houses left in the villagers that they passed. Prashant wept thinking that no one in his family would have survived.

Prashant reaches his village finally, prashant reached his village kalikuda.the roof was the only thing that was left of his house. so he went to the Red cross shelter to look for his family there. he saw his maternal grandmother there.

it was a miracle for them to see prashant live. they had thought prashant to be dead. prashant’s family was there.

Prashant, now leader of his village prashant decided assess the damage and the danger awaiting the survivors. all the houses in the village had been washed away.prashant organized a group of youths of his village.

it pressurized the merchant to give them some rice. they made a fire and cooked the rice.however, the rice was rotting his next step was to clean the place of filth, urine and floating dead bodies.

weatherig the storm in Ersama class 9 summary

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