The last leaf class 9 chapter 7 summary

The last leaf class 9 chapter 7 English Moments summary

The last leaf class 9 summary

The last leaf is a short story written by O. henry. the story begins with sue and johnsy who are tow young artists. they lived together in a small flat. it was situated on the third storey of an old house. once johnsy fell seriously ill in november. she had pneumonia.

She renamed in bed and would look out of the window.sue was worried about johnsy and called the doctor. Although he came every day there was no chnage in johnsy’s condition. the doctor told sue that johnsy has made up her mind that she is not going to get well.if she dosn’t want to live, medicines will not help her.

Sue tried help Johnsy to develop interest in her surroundings. she discussed interesting things like clothes and fashion with her but johnsy remained unaffected. johnsy continued to lie still on her bed. sue brought her drawing -board

Into Johnsy’s mind room and started painting to take Johnsy’s mind off her illness, she whistled while day suddenly sue heard johnsy whispering something.she was looking out of the window and was saying’ twelve’ elevel’ then’ten’ ‘nine’ ‘eight’ seven’

she noticed an ivy plant through the window that was gradually losing all its leaves.sue asked johnsy about what the matter was. she said that the leaves are falling faster now. three days ago there were almost a hundred leaves. there are only five left now.

seeing the bare condition of the tree, johnsy said that she would die the day the last leaf would fall off the plant Although the ivy plant had nothing to do with her illness, johnsy was too depressed to think positively about her own recovery sue tried to show affection towards johnsy. she said that Johnsy would not die.

she kept the curtain open because she needed the light to complete the painting she would sell it to fetch money for then sue requested johnsy not to look out of the window. johnsy agreed and asked sue to finish the painting so that she could be in time to see the last leaf fall off the ivy plant.

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