Bholi class 10 chapter 9 English summary

Bholi class 10 chapter 9 English Footprints without feet summary

Bholi class 10 summary

Bholi was written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas K.A Abbas who was a popular Indian film director, Journalist and novelist known for his works in Hindi, Urdu and other languages. this story is about a young girl named Sulekha who was popularly referred to as Bholi’ for her simple nature At ten months

She fell from her cot which caused some severe damage on her brain and she-used to stammer when she learnt to talk. Bholi was born a pretty child. but she suffered from small-pox that left dark pock-marks on her face permanently the ugly marks spoilt her appearance and people would often make fun of her due to her dullness. they would also consider her to be retarded as she stammered while speaking.

Bholi’s father Ramlal had around seven children out of which three were sons and four were daughters. Among all daughters. Bholi was the youngest all her siblings were hale and hearty, except young bholi. her parents were worried about her as to how to get her married when she would grow older.

One fine day. Tehsildar Sahib had come to perform an inaugural ceremony of a primary school for girls in the village. he told Ramlal to send all his daughters to school. when Ramlal discussed with his wife. she objected and stated that nobody would marry their daughters if they were sent to school. yet she agreed to send Bholi to school as they were not sure if she would ever get married for her appearance or feeble-mindedness.

Initially, Bholi was skeptical about going to school as she had never heard about it. however, on the first day of school, she was groomed properly and sent to school she assumed that it was a better place than her own home.

When she reached school, she was elated to see girls of her age around. she wanted to make friends but dared not to open her mouth due to stammering. However, when the class teacher smilingly asked her name, she stammered in front of the entire class and all the girls started laughing at her.

Class 10 English Footprints without feet summary
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