A house is not a home class 9 chapter 8 English summary

summary of a house is not a home class 9th chapter 8 English Moments summary

summary of a house is not a home class 9th

A house is not a home’ written by Zan Gaudioso. In this story the narrator shares an experience.he mentioned the challenges that he faced being a teenager when he swichted schools and grew up in a completely new environment he understood the difference between a house and a home.the narrator entered the high school

.In this first year he felt strange. In the junior school, he was the head of the class and had enjoyed the privileges given a senior it was uncomfortable to be fresher at the high school.

The school was twice as big as the old one and to make the matters worse his friends were sent to other schools.so he felt lonely the narrator missed his old schools teachers and would go back to meet them.the teachers would encourage him to meet new people in the new school and to get involved in new activities.

They said that after some time he would adjust to the new surroundings and would love the new school more than the previous one. but they asked him to promise that he would still come to meet them.

On one sunday after noon the narrator was sitting at the dining table, doing his homeworks. the day was cold and windy and a fire was up at firelace. his pet cat was lying on top of the sheets of papaer.

it was making a purring sound and was hitting on his pen just for amusement.his mother tended the fire to keep the house warm. there was smoke filling the room from the ceiling. within a few seconds, it filled the room and they could hardly see.they made their way to the front door and escaped into the garden.

He ran to the neighbours to call the fire department while his mother ran inside the house.his mother came out of the house, holding a small box full of papers. she threw it on the lawn and ran back.

Her father had died when the narrator was small, she had to save his pictures and letters which were the only memories of his that they had. he tried to run after her but was stopped by a firefighter. he told him that other firefighter would bring her back.

The firefighter wrapped a blanket around the narrator and made him sit in their car.a fireman came out of the house with his mother behind him. he took her to the fire truck

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