Birth class 11 chapter 7 English Snapshots Question and Answer

Birth class 11 chapter 7 English Snapshots Question and Answer

Birth class 11 Chapter 7 Question and Answer NCERT for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Birth chapter 7 Question and Answer for class 11 really effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts

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Question”1 I’ have done something. Oh God! ve’ done something real at last’ why does Andrew say this? what does it mean?

Answer” Andrew’ the protagonist of the story birth’ utters these words as he can bring a still-born child back to life which seemed impossible in the beginning. the child is born still to the wife of Joe. Morgan. but after feverish efforts, Andrew can bring the child back to the life. he utters these words out of deep satisfaction on achieving the seemingly impossible task. it means that Andrew has been able to do something wonderful. he has been able to apply whatever he learned in the medical textbooks and even beyond that. it is really a great achievement of Andrew. the above words mean that a doctor is a medium through which God or Almighty grants life to the patients. Andrew acknowledges this fact in the above quote. words.

Question”2 There lies a great difference between text book medicine and the world of practising physician. Discuss.

Answer”¬†There lies a great difference between textbook medicine and the world of a practicing physician. textbook medicine is purely a science whereas treating a patient is an art. the world of practicing physicians requires a different set of skills and knowledge. textbook medicine no doubt provides the conceptual framework for treatment but no doctor can treat a patient without the use of his or her intuitive practices. In the story birth, the way Andrew brings back life in the stillborn child is a testimony to this fact. the nurse at first dumps the child thinking it to be dead. but happens he, in the beginning, applies his textbook knowledge but the child does not recover. he doesn’t lose heart. he applies his method and the miracle then happened. treatment is science and beyond .it is both a science and an art the story of birth is realistic fiction. In other words, the elements of the story have been taken from real-life experiences and woven into the fabric of fiction.¬†

Birth class 11 Short Question and Answer

Question”1 who was Joe Morgan? why was he waiting for Dr. Andrew Manson?

Answer‘ Joe Morgan was the heavily built driller. he was waiting for Dr. Andrew Manson so that he could help his wife in delivering the baby.

Question”2 who was Andrew Manson?

Answer” Andrew Manson was a newly graduated medical Practitioner from a medical school who helped susuan delivering her first baby.

Question”3 why was Andrew so serious and overwrought that evening?

Answer” Andrew was serious and overwrought that evening because of two reasons. first, he had a disappointing time with his girlfriend and second, he knew that the case would demand all his attention.

Question”4 what had Andrew no premonition of ?

Answer” Andrew had no premonition that the night call would prove unusual, still less that it would influence his whole future in blaenelly.

Question”5 why did Andrew say that he would not run away?

Answer” Andrew told Joe Morgan’s mother that he would not run away because he wanted to assure her who was afraid that he might leave saying that he would come after a while.

Question”6 what was Andrew’s view on marriage? why was he resentful and confused?

Answer” Andrew was in dilemma on marriage. he thoughts of bramwell, Edward page and Denny’s marriages that were dismal failures, On the other hand, the image of Christine before him would forced him to consider marriage an idyllic state, it was the conflict between his doubting mind and his overflowing heart.

Question”7 what was the dilemma that Dr. Andrew faced?

Answer” The Dilemma that Dr.Andrew faced was whether to save the mother first or to resuscitate her baby. both the mother and her stillborn baby were in trouble.

Question”8 what did Dr. Andrew do to solve the dilemma?

Answer” he first gave an injection to the mother and after a few minutes of feverish efforts, her heart strengthened. he saw that he might safely leave her. then he attended the child. luckily he saved both.

Question”9 where did the midwife place the child and why?

Answer” The midwife placed the child beneath the bed amidst the dirt newspapers because she was sure that the baby was a stillborn.

Question”10 what did Dr.Andrew do to restore life in the stillborn child?

Answer” Andrew gave a special respiration to the baby by laying it upon a blanket. he asked for cold and hot water and then put the baby into cold and hot water alternately. but it all went in vain. he made one last efforts and started rubbing the child with a rough towel, crushing and releasing the baby’s chest. luckily he saved the child.

Question”11 what was Andrew’s reaction to the first glimpse of success of the efforts he made to help the stillborn baby to revive?

Answer” Andrew turned giddy when the chest have a short convulsive heave. A sense of life springing beneath his fingers, was so exquisite made him faint.

Question”12 what was the reaction of the old woman as well as she nurse when they heard the child’s cry?

Answer” The nurse muttered the words of prayer while tears rolled down her eyes. the old woman still stood against the wall. but her hands were together, her lips moved without sound. she was praying.

Question”13 what was the reaction of Joe when he saw the doctor out of the room?

Answer” Joe was standing on the pavement tense, expectance face. when Andrew met with him, he told him thickly that both the mother and the child were fine. Joe took a sigh of relief listening the news.

Question”14 How did Andrew feel when he left the house after saving both the mother and the child?

Answer” Andrew kept thinking blindly, oblivious to all other work he had done in blaenelly his heart was full of the though that he finally accomplished something.

Question”15 Describe Andrew Manson’s frantic efforts to save the child. how did he succeed in the end?

Answer” Andrew saw that the baby suffered from asphyxia in which there is not enough oxygen in blood. Andrew remembered the treatment given to such a case in the samaritan. he sought for hot and cold water and plunged the baby into it alternately like a juggler but his efforts made no improvement. he continued his one last efforts and started rubbing the baby with a rough towel. then he began pressing and releasing the chest of the baby with his palms. suddenly the chest heaved and the baby started to gasp and cry.

Birth class 11 Long Question and Answer

Question”1 what Impression do you form of Andrew Manson on the basis of the story ‘Birth?

Answer” Andrew Manson is a young man who has recently qualified as a doctor and started his medical practice as an assistant to Dr Edward page in the small welsh mining town of blaenelly. he is love with Christine and thinks of marriage as an idyllic state. his steady mind and reason help him see the marriages of many persons as dismal failure.

Andrew is mature enough to keep his private and professional fives apart, once confronted with his responsibility, he discharges his obligations .he is not a theorist he is duty conscious. he is not a theorist. only he believes in practical approach. he is pragmatic and is not afraid to try unique methods.

Andrew has a tender heart. he is aware of the feelings of others. he known how deeply Susan loved her coming baby. he has polite manners and reassuring tone. on the whole, Andrew impresses us as a dedicated doctor.

Question”2 Compare and contrast Andrew’s emotional mental and physical state at the beginning of the story and at the end.

Answer” At the beginning of the story Andrew is physically tired and emotionally upset. he has just returned from a disappointed evening with Christine, the girl he loved his thoughts are heavy and muddled. the episode he had witnessed at Cardiff station still filled his mind with sadness. though he thought of marriage as a blissful state, he couldn’t help remembering the miserable failure of many marriage .

At the end of the story. Andrew is physically exhausted but emotionally cheerful and mentally alert, his mind is filled with joy and self-satisfaction. he has performed an unusual feat, no less than a miracle. he calls upon God as witness that he done something real at last. this sense of achievement helps him to overcome physical fatigue. his sense of duty towards his patients helps him to attend them whole-hearted.he forgets his personal feelings and thinks only of reviving the patients.

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