The Ghat of the only world class 11 chapter 6 English Snapshots Question and Answer

The Ghat of the only world class 11 chapter 6 English Snapshots Question and Answer

The Ghat of the only world-class 11 chapters 6  Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these The Ghat of the only world Question and Answer for class 11 effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts 

(Reading with Insight)

Question”1 what Impressions of Shahid do you gather from the piece?

Answer” Shahid was a multi-faceted personality and appears to be a sensitive soul. he was born in Srinagar and had studied in Delhi. later, he migrated to America and served in various colleges and universities. shahid was a fine scholar and brilliant teacher. his students loved and respected him. shahid was a profound lover of good poetry, music clothes, and food. he always thought of Kashmir and was hurt by the mounting violence in the valley. though he was not a political poet his finest work relates to writing about Kashmir. Shahid’s outlook was ecumenical. he did not believe in mixing of politics and religion. he never lost the courage in the face of misfortune. Even the dreadful disease of cancer could not break his spirit. he refused to take the help of the wheelchair in the hospital.

Question”2 How do Shahid and the writer react to the knowledge that shahid is going to die?

Answer” Oh, dear! can’t see a thing.. I hope this doesn’t mean that I am dying ‘the fear of death was very vividly visible in shahid’s tone of voice and usage of words. he got scared when he felt for the first time that he was dying. when his occasional memory lapses became more serious with time, the realization of death drawing nearer becomes stronger, when he was in a conversation with Amitav Ghosh, he said in a clear ringing voice’ when it happens, I hope you will write something for me’ the writer could think of nothing to say on such a topic. at last, he had to promise I’II to do the best I can’ from the day the writer started keeping a record of all the conversations and meetings he had with shahid. this record helped him to fulfill his promise

Question”3 Look up the dictionary for the meaning of the word’ diaspora’ what do you understand of the Indian diaspora from this piece?

Answer’ The word’ diaspora means a dispersion of an originally homogeneous entity, such as a language or culture with reference to the context, Indian diaspora becomes more prominent in Ghosh’s writings. from this text, we come to know that a number of Indians have settled in different countries of the west, especially England and America . Agha shahid his brother and two sisters, Suketu mehta and the writer form part of the Indian diaspora in America. shahid belonged to Kashmir and migrated . to America in 1975. his elder brother was already settled there. his two sister also joined them land, never forgot about their roots. these Indians feel a sense of unity and keep meeting each other on various occasions.

The Ghat of the only world class 11 Short type Question and Answer

Question”1 what did you know about shahid from this lesson?

Answer” shahid was from shrinagar who later migrated to the US. he was a passionate poet and professor. he contracted cancer and had been given many therapies. but he could not be saved from his untimely death.

Question”2 what did shahid ask the writer to do after his death?

Answer” shahid asked the writer to write something about him. he wanted the writer to remember him not through the spoken recitatives of money and friendship, but through the written words,

Question”3 what was the impact of shahid’s words on the writer?

Answer” The writer took it as a very important thing which would have to be obeyed. he could not think of anything to say. he had to search for words to convey his promise.

Question”4 How did shahid respond to the deterioration of the political situation in Kashmir?

Answer” The steady deterioration of the political situation in Kashmir and the violence and counter violence had a powerful effect on him. in time it became one of the central subject of his work and he created his finest work in writing about Kashmir.

Question”5 what helped the writer to keep the promise he made to shahid?

Answer” The writer picked up his pen and noted the date .he wrote down everything he remembered of that conversation. he continued to do so for the next few months. this record helped the writer to fulfil his pledge and promise.

Question”6 who helped Shahid face his inevitable end?

Answer” The love and support of shahid’s family and friends helped him to face his inevitable end. he was calm, good and humourd till the last.

Question”7 what do you know about shahid as a poet?

Answer” shahid was a renowned poet. his most celebrated work is’ the country without a posy office’ that was published in 1997. his voice was unique-at once lyrical and disciplined, enraged and yet deeply inward.

Question”8 what was the impact of james Merill on shahid’s poetry?

Answer” James merrill , the poet completely changed the direction shahid’s poetry. after coming in contact with him, shahid began to try out strict, metrical patterns and verse forms. no one had a greater influence on shahid’s poetry than james merrill.

Question”9 How did shahid justify his passion for the food of his region?

Answer” shahid was passionate for the food of his region particularly, Kashmir food in the pandit style A persistent dream of vanishing Kashmir pandits and extinction of their food haunted him. this was a nightmare that haunted him in his conversation and his poetry.

Question”10 where did shahid want to die? was his last wish fulfilled?

Answer” He wanted to die in Kashmir but for some reasons, he changed his mind. he died in America and was laid to rest Northamton.

Question”11 shahid was a sparkling teacher. Comment

Answer’ shahid was teaching at manhattan’s baruch college. the students adored him. they had printed a magazine and dedicated the issue to him. shahid did not show any sadness of the occasion. from beginning to end, he was a sparkling dive.

The Ghat of the only world class 11 Extra Question and Answer

Question”1 Comment on the title’ The Ghat of the only world?

Answer” The title the Ghat of the only world ‘ has been taken from the poem of shahid’ I dream I am at the Ghat of the only world ‘ In the poem he most explicitly prefigured his own death. the author missed him on entering his own living room where he would generally be at night reciting his lines’ I dream I am at the Ghat of the only world’ the writer dedicated this article to his friend.

Question”2 what were the common things between Ghosh and shahid?

Answer” They had a number of common friends. both love Rogan josh and Kishor kumar and none of them like cricket.

Question”3 what are the things that shahid loved?

Answer” He was fond of good food and loved Rogan Josh and kishor kumar. he love to watch old Mumbaid films. he liked to take write people also.

Question”4 How does shahid face death? describe the hospital scene?

Answer” shahid was calms about his approaching death he was never scared of it. once before his death, shahid was in hospital for surgical procedure shahid. refused to sit on wheel chair. and wanted to walk on his. ours. but his knees buckled after a few steps when hospital orderly helped him to sit on wheelchair. he smiled and asked him where he was from the man replaced that he was from Spain and shahid clapped his hands and said the he always wanted to learn spanish.

Question”5 what facilitated Ghosh to fulfil his pledge ? how did it help him?

Answer” Ghosh had pledged it to shahid that the would write about him after his death. to fulfil his pledge, Ghosh started keeping a record of every moment that he spent write shahid which helped him to fulfil his pledge

Question”6 How was shahid’s reputation as a teacher among his students?

Answer” shahid’s students loved him a lot and , and had great respect for him when he was to love his college, students printed a magazine and dedicated the issue to him.

Question”7 who is James Merill ? what does the Ghat of the only world ‘ Mean ?

Answer” He is a poet who radically changed shahid’s style of writing poetry Ghat’ means the place at a riverbank from where boats sail off here’ the only worlds is symbol of man’s life on this earth and ghat’ is point of death.

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