Going Places class 12 chapter 8 English Flamingo summary

Going Places class 12 chapter 8 English Flamingo summary

Going places class 12 summary

Sophie and Jansie, two students go home after school. Sophie announced that she would open a boutique. jansie seems very skeptical because those things cost money. Sophie said she would find it. Jansie has observed that it takes a long time to save so much money. Sophie said she will be the manager by then. Jansie noted that they would not let their manager resign.

Yet Sophie insisted on her fantasy. he said it would be like mary quint. it will have the best store in that city. Jansie known that they are both designated for the cookie factory. she became melancholy and hoped Sophie wouldn’t say such things. he told Sophie to be rational. they are not paid too much to work. In the store

what’s more his father would never allow it. Sophie changed paths. she said she would become an actress. there is real money in that area. since the actress does not have a full-time job she can also use the boutique as a side business. or she will become a fashion designer. a little complicated,, if had money I would buy a boutique ‘ he said as he entered the house.

Little derek hung on the back of his father’s chair and said’ she thinks money grows on a tree, doesn’t she dad. ? ” his mother sighed. Sophie saw her learn over the sink. the stove in the small room was smoking the table was full of men in vests who were breathing heavily. and dirty clothes were piled up in the corner. Sophie felt her throat constrict, it was with his brother Jeff

Geoff was out of school for three years. he is an apprentice mechanic. he goes to work across town every day. he knelt on the floor in the next room. repairing part of the motorcycle. Jeff is almost grown up. he suspects areas in his life that he knowns nothing about, he has never said. It seemed to be somewhere far away.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, Going places summary, we learn about the naive fantasies of teenagers and how reality may hit us harder as the world in full of compromises and costs a lot of dreams.

Class 12 English Flamingo summary
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