My Mother at sixty-six class 12 poem 1 English Flamingo summary

My Mother at sixty-six class 12 poem 1 English Flamingo summary

My mother at sixty-six class 12 summary

my mother at sixty six class 12 summary
My mother at sixty-six

Last Friday Morning. the poet was driving from his parent’s home to cochin Airport. his mother was sitting next to him. he sixty-six years old. the old lady is dozing off. his mouth remained open. his face was pale and discolored. it is as gray as gray it looks like a dead body (corpse) lifeless.

His mother’s lifeless discolored face made his heartache. the old woman seemed lost in her thoughts. the poet turned her attention away from her mother and looked out. the outside world is full of vigro and vitality the young tree seemed to run very fast. the children seemed happy when they moved out of the house.

When they are at the airport they must pass a security check. the poet is only a few meters away from his mother. he looked back at his old mother. he felt pain when he looked at his mother’s pale lifeless discolored face. his face was as bleak as the late winter moon that had lost its brilliance and strength. this awakens the familiar old pain in the poet’s heart. the fear of children dominated herself. she looks normal when bidding farewell to her mother, her face was full of smiles he wanted to see his old Ama again.

Conclusion of summary

To conclude, my mother at sixty six summary revolves around the beautiful relationship between the poet and her mother. the summary shows the theme of the advancing age of the mother of the author and the fear of separation. this apparently short poem touches upon the theme of a beautiful bond between the mother and the daughter. It shows how beautiful a relationship a mother and a daughter can here.

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