The Accidental Tourist class 9 chapter 9 English summary

The Accidental Tourist class 9 chapter 9 English Moments summary

The Accidental Tourist class 9 summary

The Accidental Tourist’ is an entertaining story written by bill bryson where he reflects on his travel experiences humorously. the author says he is amazed at people who do multitasking without facing and difficulty.

He gets confused when he searches for the toilet in a cinema and lands up in a lane on the wrong side of a self locking door. when he checks in a hotel, he forgets his room number and goes to the reception many times .

Just to confirm it. the last time when the author went on a family trip to England at Easter time, they reached the logan airport in boston. he suddenly remembered that he had recently joined British Airways’ frequent flyer programme and had to get the card puched to avail the points.

He had put the card in the carry-on bag that was hanging around his he had to take the card out, something happened.the zip on the bag was jammed.suddenly the bag opened with a jerk and as he had used a lot of force.

All the articles flew out of the bag. newspapaer cuttings and other loose papers, a 14-ounce tin of pipe tobacco, magazines..passport English money, film was extravagantly ejected over an area about the size of a tennis court.

The author was shocked to see all his important documents fly out of the bag. the coins rolled on the floor. the lid of the fobacco box came off and the box rolled on the floor and the tabacco spilled onn the floor. meanwhile, the author also noticed that his finger was injured and trapped in the zip.

He was terrified at the sight that his finger was bleeding extensively. the author mentions the unexpected troubles that he encounters while travelling.he always commits disasters while travelling.

In one such Instance while travelling in an aeroplane, he leaned over to tie his shoelace. unfortunately, he was stuck when the person sitting ahead of him fully reclined. his seat, with great difficulty, he freed himself from that cramped position.

On another air trip he threw a drink on the lady sitting next to him. the flight attendant helped her clean up and got him another drink. he threw the second glass on her too. he was confused how it happend. he remembered that he watched helplessly as his arm acted just like that prop used in old horror movies. just like they moved

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