The Beggar class 9 chapter 10 English summary

Chapter 10 English Moments class 9th the beggar summary

class 9th the beggar summary

The beggar’ is written by Anton chekhove which is the story of a beggar named lushoff. one day he met sergie, an advocate and begged him for some money as he was hungry from last three days and did not have enough money for the lodgings. he was wearing a ragged, brown tattered overcoat and had dull drunken eyes with a red spot on either cheek.

He claimed that he was a school teacher in a village ealier and lost his job due to a conpiracy against him. he continued that he had got an offer of a job in the state of kaluga. He did not have enough money to travel to the place.he

wanted help though he felt ashamed asking for it, but his circumstances compelled him to do so. sergie recalled that he had seen the beggar on sadovya street, day before the previous day.sergie told the beggar that he had told him the other day that he was a student who had been expelled.

Hearing this the beggar was shocked and murmured that it was not possible he said that he was a scoolteacher and could show his documents as proof. sergie said that he had lied enough.

He was filled with disgust and threatened to hand over the beggar to the police for cheating people by telling. lies hearing this.the beggar admitted that he was lying to people so that they would take pity on him for his condition.

He confessed that he used to sing in a Russian choir and was fired for his drunkeness. sergie screamed at him and said that he could work instead of lying. the beggar said that he knew he should work but there was no work for him. sergie asked him to cut wood at his house. they reached the advocate’s house.

Sergei asekd his cook olga to take he gentelman to the woodshed and let him chop wood. it was obvious from his walk that he had not said yes to go and chop wood because he was hungry and wanted work but simply from pride and shame and becasue he had been trapped by his own words.

His strength had been undermined by vodka and that he was unhealthy and did not feel the slightest readliness for hard work. sergie hurried to the dining room and from it’s window saw the beggar and olga in the yard. olga unlocked the shed and threw the axe towards him and scolded him.

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